Lake Harriet United Methodist Preschool

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Grievance Policy for Families

If the parents/guardians have a grievance the following procedure has been established so the concerns can be properly addressed.

A grievance is defined as a statement alleging a violation of the policies of LHUMC or the Preschool.

A grieved person will first attempt to resolve the issue informally by discussin it with the child's teacher. If that approach does not end in ta satisfactory solution the grievance must then be put in wirting and submitted to the Director who will schedule a meeting with the grieved person within 6 school days. If the grieved person is not satisfied with the response the grievance should be brought to the Preschool Board. In cases where a grievance should not be addressed by the staff, Director and/or Preschool Board, the Pastor of Lake Harriet UM Church should be contacted.

Termination of Care by the Family

When the parents/guardians decide to terminate enrollment in the preschool, one month written notice to the Director is required. We recognize that Lake Harriet UM Preschool may not be appropriate for every child. If, for any reason, this program is found to be unsatisfactory for any particular child, we will discuss this with the parents/guardians to determine the cause. Sometimes we are able to make adjustments. If this is not possible or satisfactory, the parents/guardians and/or the program may choose to terminate enrollment on a timeline that is in the child's best interest.

Termination of Care by the Program

As stated previously, the child's adjustment to the program and the appropriateness of the program for an individual child may cause concern for the child's well being. If the program staff does not feel that it is meeting the child's needs, we reserve the right to terminate enrollment on a timeline that is in the best interest of the child. The program also reserves the right to terminate enrollment if a parent's/guardian's actions and behaviors are inappropriate.