Lake Harriet United Methodist Preschool

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Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety policies have been developed in accordance with Minnesota state law and the Minnesota Child Care Health Consultants and the Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency. We ave a written agreement to receive health consultation services at least twice yearly from the MN Child Care Health Consultants.

To contact, please call 612.500.1880.

Minnesota State law requires an emergency preparedness plan (Minn. Stat. 245A.41, Subd. 3) for licensed child care centers. Following the Department of Human Services Keeping Kids Safe planning guide, Lake Harriet UM Preschool has developed and annualy reviews our Child Care Emergency Plan.

Minnesota State law requires the filing of a Health Care Summary and Immunization Record for each child signed by the parent/guardian and the child’s source of medical care. It is the policy of Lake Harriet UM Preschool to have this form on file before the first day of school. If the records are not complete, there must be a written plan from a health care source for completion. If your child cannot receive immunizations or parents/guardians have a conscientious objection to immunizations, there are other procedures we must follow. Please discuss this with the Director. It is a parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to inform the school of special medical conditions, needs, and allergies.

Each semester we will ask you to update your child’s record including emergency contact information. You may update the record anytime information changes.

When a child in our care has been medically diagnosed with a contagious condition, we need to notify the appropriate health authorities and follow their recommendations for releasing information to families of all children that have been exposed. We post a notification at preschool and/or send home a written communication when it is necessary.

Parents/guardians must inform the Preschool within 24 hours when a child has been diagnosed by the child's source of medical or dental care as having a contagious, reportable disease.

All staff members are trained in CPR and first aid. In the event of any injury or illness, a trained staff member will administer the appropriate first aid. If the staff member decides the situation is an emergency, 911 will be called. If the child needs to be transported, the emergency medical service will transport the child to a medical facility as designated by emergency service. Staff will not transport children. A parent/guardian or alternate listed on the emergency card will be contacted as soon as possible. An attempt to contact your child's source of health care may also be made.

It is our policy that when needed, sunscreen and insect repellant should be applied at home. When public health authorities recommend the use of insect repellents due to a high risk of insect-borne disease, we will notify families so they may choose to use insect repellant containing DEET to prevent insect related diseases.

The use of a hand sanitizer is not a substitute for hand washing in meeting state regulations. Many hand sanitizers are alcohol based. This poses a potential risk to a child who may ingest the hand sanitizer. We occasionally use hand sanitizers and policies are in place for their safe use and storage. See additional information in Appendix B.

Specific policies related to these items follow:


If a child becomes ill while at Preschool, the child will be isolated from the other children and will be supervised by a staff member.

The parent/guardian or emergency contact will be contacted to pick up the child immediately. Until the parent/guardian or alternate arrives, the child will be monitored and kept comfortable. If the staff thinks it is necessary, the child's health care provider may be called.

In the case of an emergency, we will call 911.

A child should be fever-free (without medication) at least 24 hours prior to returning to preschool.

Reasons for Exclusion

A child with any of the following conditions or behaviors must be excluded from school. We MUST exclude a child:

  • With a reportable illness or condition as specified in part 4605.7040 that the commissioner of health determines to be contagious and a physician determines has not had sufficient treatment to reduce the health risk of others
  • With chicken pox until the child is no longer infectious or until the lesions are crusted over
  • Who has vomited two or more times since admission that day
  • Who has had three or more abnormally loose stools since admission that day
  • Who has contagious conjunctivitis or pus draining from the eye and has not completed 24 hours of medication
  • Who has a bacterial infection, such as streptococcal or impetigo, and has not completed 24 hours of medication
  • Who has unexplained lethargy
  • Who has a lice, ringworm, or scabies that is untreated
  • Who has a 100 degree F axilliary temp (before fever reducing medication is given)
  • Who has an undiagnosed rash or a rash attributable to a contagious illness or condition
  • Who has significant respiratory distress
  • Who is unable to participate in the daily school activities
  • Who requires more care than the staff can provide

Food Allergies

The preschool enrolls children with a variety of food allergies and sensitivities.

While avoidance of exposure to allergens is critical to preventing reactions, the risk of accidental exposure or cross-contamination in school buildings is always present. The school setting is a high-risk environment due to the shared use of space, the presence of a large number of students, and the possible cross-contamination of tables and other surfaces.

In accordance with the recommendations of health professionals, the preschool staff monitor high-risk areas and activities such as classrooms, food sharing, field trips, and celebrations but we also rely on the vigilance and cooperation of parents/guardians. We work to educate the child to assist in manaing his/her allergies.

For each child with special nutritional needs the child’s health care provider gives the preschool an individualized care plan that is prepared in consultation with the family and specialists involved in the child’s care. With the parent’s/guardian’s permission we release allergy information to families in the child’s class to reduce exposure.

Reporting Maltreatment

Professionals who work with children are required to make a child protection report if we know or have reason to believe that a child is being abused or neglected, or has been abused or neglected in the past three years. A complete copy of the MN statute is available from the Director. See additional information in our Family Handbook - Appendix A.

Emergency Procedures


All staff and children participate in monthly fire drills. These will be held at various times during the day and week.

Each class will meet outside the building. The meeting place for Rooms 101, 102 and 104 is near the parking lot on the south side of the building. Rooms 105 and 106 will use the Beard street exit located on the east side of the building.

In an actual fire, one staff member will call 911 from a telephone outside the building as everyone is evacuating.

All staff will be instructed in the use of the fire extinguishers. Instructions are posted on each fire extinguisher.


We will perform tornado drills monthly during the months of April through October.

When weather conditions indicate the possibility of a tornado, we will listen to the radio for official tornado watches and warnings. All staff and children will go or remain indoors when under a watch or warning. If sirens are heard or a tornado warning is announced, all staff and children will proceed to the tornado shelter, which is posted in each classroom.

A battery operated portable radio, flashlight, first aid kit, activities for the children and a blanket will be taken to the shelter. Each classroom has access to these items.

We will remain in the shelter until the all clear is announced on the radio.

Blizzard or Snow Emergency

Lake Harriet UM Preschool reserves the right to close the Preschool when weather conditions make travel to and from the Preschool hazardous. These weather conditions could include:

  • Blizzard conditions;
  • Sleet and icy roads;
  • Poor visibility;
  • Severe wind-chills

Families will be notified of a program closing by 8:30 am (or the night before if possible).

Should a severe blizzard warning be issued while school is in session, parents/guardians will be notified by the staff to pick up their children. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called. Food and bedding will be available if an emergency overnight stay is necessary. At least one staff member will remain until all children have been picked up. In the event that the Preschool is closed due to bad weather conditions, families will not receive a tuition credit.

Missing Child

If a child is missing, the entire staff will be notified. Immediate attempts will be made to locate the missing child. The other children will never be unattended when trying to locate a missing child. If unable to locate the missing child within fifteen minutes, the Director, the Police, and the child's parent/guardian will be notified.